Our herd of Tennessee Walking Horses features five Tennessee Walker mares and three geldings.

Dixie: She’s got one of the biggest walks on the ranch.

Golden boy “Chance”

Wendy: A sweet mare with big movement standing at 16 hands tall.

Missy: Missy has a magnificent walk; she’s Bill’s favorite on the trail and wowed us all at the Bucky Sparks gaiting clinic.

Chance: Our golden boy! Chance (Carbon’s Golden Chance) is our palomino gelding who joined our herd in 2002 and sired several great foals. With the famous Chance’s Gold Dust and John A’s Chance on his sire’s side, he’s bred for performance and a solid palomino color.

Gem: A sweet, go forward big mare who loves to trail ride and has a big gait with her signature teeth clanking with her big, relaxed head nod. She was born 2005

Magnolia: This lovely mare was born on our farm in 2001 and loves trail riding, passing up through Parelli Level 4, driving, and doing it all.

Exploring ocean waves at Cape May, NJ!

Raven: An up and coming star, Raven really moves with a big, head-shaking walk and a lovely canter. He was started by John Baar, Parelli 6-star instructor.

Raven with his first lessons with John Baar


Sparks: We are so grateful to Bucky Sparks for letting his gorgeous stallion Flame come live at our farm, who is sire to this up and coming gelding. What a great personality! Sparks was born in 2017, and his copper coat shines just like his sire’s. His dam is Gem.

Returning from one of his first trail rides, Sparks is a star, with Parelli 3-star instructor Mollie Vacco up!

Maggie: In loving memory of Maggie, our biggest, going-est mare!  Mother of Magnolia, Lilac, Sierra and Gem, she passed her Parelli Level 1 with Lori and is now in horse heaven.